Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

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ikan arwana 


Arowana is a fish. They are karnivore .They live in rivers, breeding, or as ornamental fish in the aquarium. Arowana are freshwater fish. Natural habitat is in river southeast Asia especially Indonesia.

Arowana have several types such as: golden red arowana, super red arowana, silver arowana etc. Arowana has a cute shape so we don't fell boring if we see it. They have a neat scales and different colors in each type. They have two mustaches are the jaw. His tail is round like a fan. Like fish in general, they breathe using gills. Arowana fish used to keep eggs in her mouth. Young Arowana still had eggs attached. They eat frogs or crickets and minnows. Even some maintain that eating cockroaches or lizards.

Arowana fish is expensive. So at a certain type of chip ID number pairs that can be checked against its existence. Arowana can grow up to 100 cm or maybe even more.Arowana can live up to 20 years. Arowana fish is often referred to as a good luck, so they are often called dragon fish.

created by : Dena Rosdiana :)

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