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Report Text of the DOG

Dogs are mammals that have undergone domestication of wolves. Dogs are predators and scavengers, have sharp teeth and strong jaws for attacking, biting and tearing food. Characteristics of wolf ancestors still survive in the dog, although selective breeding has succeeded in changing the physical form different types of dog breeds.
The dog has developed into hundreds of races with a wide range of variations, ranging from dog height of several tens of cm like Chihuahuas to Irish Wolfhound were more than one meter. Dog hair color can be varied, ranging from white to black, also red, gray (often called "blue"), and chocolate. In addition, dogs have different hair types, ranging from very short to a length of up to several centimeters. Dog hair can be straight or curly, and coarse-textured till soft as wool.
Dogs are social animals as well as humans. Proximity patterns of human behavior makes a dog a dog to be trained, to play, live with humans, and invited bersosialiasi with humans and other dogs.
People love getting a dog because dogs are smart animals.
Some animal experts are now debating dogs omnivores or carnivores animals classified by the food eaten. Classification into the order carnivore does not mean the dog should eat meat only.
. Dogs can properly digest a variety of foods, including vegetables and cereals that can be consumed by dogs in large portions. The plants eaten by wild dogs to meet the needs of the amino acid. Furthermore, wild dogs also eat the contents of the stomach and intestines contain herbs that are herbivores digest the prey.

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